• Wordpress Core Updates

    Updating to latest version of WORDPRESS is very important since it removes vulnerabilities and prevents different types of hack attacks. Latest version comes up with various features and is very important in terms of Responsive Designs, SEO, Image Optimization,etc. We will update your WordPress version as and when a new version is released.

  • Theme Updates

    Latest theme versions include additional features, improvements in the current features and design and some bug fixes. It is also important for Responsiveness, SEO, Speed Optimization,etc. We keep a regular watch on your themes to update them as and when a new version of the theme is available

  • Plugin Updates

    Plugins should be updated to latest version since it improves the efficiency and fixes bugs of previous versions. It may also include enhanced and new features. We keep a regular eye on your plugins and update them as and when a new plugin version becomes available

  • Customization

    We assign particular number of hours to each package and provide content and image customization based on the hours. We work fast and responsibly to ensure you get most out of the package.

  • Consultancy

    We provide consultancy for wordpress designs, features, functions and processes. We’ll help you through the entire process from hosting to design.

  • Backup

    Your data is most important part of your online property. We schedule backups weekly/monthly and save it to your own host to ensure the safety of your data.

  • Security

    We ensure maximum security to your online property. Our skills help you save your online property from hack attacks. Our configuration and integration help your online property to be safe and secure from hackers.

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