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Hello, World! My name is Don Burrows and I live in the US – just a bit north of Seattle, Washington.

I turn 70 in just a few days and I freely admit to being just a bit intimidated when it comes to the whole internet thing. I have WP websites. I continue to work because I have something valuable to offer job seekers around the world whom recruiters ignore for work they’ve proven they can do.

And that brings me to Zaiyan.

Dissatisfied with the support my current webmaster provided, I surfed the Net and found Zaiyan.

Having gone through several unresponsive webmasters who talked a good show at the outset but failed to deliver, he has demonstrated that I have now found the webmaster I can trust to keep his word, respond timely, and fix what needs fixing.

That’s my bare minimum expectation, and Zaiyan exemplifies perfection in that regard.


He combines internet marketing savvy with expert WP computer skills.

Before we started working togehter, I made it clear that while I am expert at helping job seekers identify their accomplishments and skills, and use that information to craft custom résumés and cover letters that recruiterd don’t ignore, I am not an internet marketer and actively wanted his ideas into what I needed to have in my website to make it an effective sales tool.

All other webmasters before simply took what I said I thought I wanted and created it.

No suggestions to help improve sales. Just average, pedestrian, generic work.

With enthusiasm he suggested formatting and “touches” to make my site attractive and “stickey.”

Thanks to his absolute technical competency and unbridled personal enthusiasm, my energy level has increased and it feels great to know that I can relinquish what is burdonsome to me and fun for him, to him.

In case I have not made myself crystal clear, this guy is the real deal.

Want to see what he did for me? Please check out

Best regards,

Don Burrows –

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