Which Hosting Provider Should I Choose In 2016

How To Choose Web Hosting In 2016

Choosing a web host is one of the most important task before you start with your online business website or blog. We are in a digital era and the technology pace increases day by day. The speed, uptime, security,etc i.e the major factors will be directly proportional to the web hosting provider you choose and these are the factors which will actually make or break your business.

What Should An Ideal Web Host Provide ?

  • World Class Customer Support (Pre & Post Sales)

Customer Support is one of the major criteria to judge any hosting provider. The hosting provider should be responsive and communicate actively. They should be able to solve all your issues and answer your queries. Their turn around time should be less and a 24X7 assistance would be optimum.

  • Maximum Uptime & Monitoring

Another important factor,uptime is the time during which a machine, especially a computer or website, is in operation which in this case is a website. Hence, the uptime should be maximum which ideally is 100% but in real cases maybe upto 99.99%. It is very important for the servers to be monitored constantly so that the glitches in the data centers can be avoided.

  • Disk Space

For small businesses and blogs, 1GB space would be sufficient, but for larger websites or portals more disk space may be required.

  • Bandwidth

In computing, bandwidth is the bit-rate of available or consumed information capacity. The bandwidth should be large if your website or blog has lots of visits, It should be capable of handling the number of visitors your website gets at the same time.

  • Freedom

The web hosting provider should give you the freedom to upgrade and cancel your plan anytime and not tie you in long term contracts.

Do I Need To Search For Hosts ?

Nope!, We’ve done the work for you, we have shortlisted four best hosting providers in the industry, they all have competitive pricing and are great in the all the must-have features mentioned above mostly with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

I Don’t Know How To Purchase & Set It Up

We are always here for help, send us a message using the contact form on the contact page or use the live chat option too get instant support

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